Does Exercise Promote Hair Growth? Does Exercise Prevent Hair Fall

Regular exercises have been proved to be beneficial for general health. It not only improves blood circulation, but also nourishes the skin, hair and body. Talking about benefits of exercise for hair regrowth, according to research a daily workout enhances growth in hair follicles. There are several hair fall control exercises that one must follow regularly for rich, shiny, natural looking hair. The health of one’s hair is influenced by two factors namely physical and mental. Right from what you eat, to your daily schedule, everything plays a key role in hair growth.

Hair Regrowth Exercises by #balkidukan

The following pointers may be useful if you are looking to regrow your lost hair.


Jogging allows an individual to sweat out. It opens the pores in the scalp that may be clogged due to some reason. Once the pores are open, it automatically flushes all the toxins out.


Acupuncture elevates the pressure points in our body. Once you identify the exact pressure points on the fingers it becomes easy to stimulate nerves that are connected to the brain. It results in natural hair growth.

Scalp massage 

Most of us love head massage. Opt for a good oil and get regular scalp massage. It is a good exercise for hair regrowth. It is not only relaxing but boosts hair growth. It helps to increase blood flow to the scalp thus providing all essential nutrients required.

Breathing exercise 

Yoga has everlasting effects on the entire human body. Breathing exercises in the form of Pranayama supplies the required levels of oxygen and helps hair to regrow. It is one of the best hair exercises.

Upside down exercise 

Lying across a wall keeping your head down and legs straight up promotes oxygen flow to the hair. It helps to get rid of dead cells. This exercise must be performed with the help of a supervisor.

Rubbing nails 

Rubbing nails causes natural acupuncture that signals the nerves in the head. It improves blood circulation and revitalizes the scalp. It is a good way to get rid of dandruff and stop premature greying of hair.

Neck exercise 

Indulging in neck exercise is a great way to get rid of stress trapped in the neck area. Stretching your neck muscles increases blood circulation in this area. It helps hair growth and fights dead cells.

The above mentioned hair regrowth exercises can be done at home with minimum supervision. Instead of using external chemical treatments, #BKD believes it is best if we can indulge in hair fall exercise than spending excessively in salons or parlors.

Apart from exercises, maintaining a healthy diet boosts hair growth. Including rich sources of protein, iron, minerals and all vitamins gives us beautiful looking hair.

Maintaining a diet schedule is a must in today’s busy world. Stress is another factor that causes hair loss. One should sustain a perfect work-life balance, get proper sleep, be hydrated by including liquids as part of daily diet, think positive in order to have wonderful hair.