Hair Style mistakes that make you look older

We all have our own unique hairstyles which we may have maintained for several years. This unique hairstyle helps your friends and acquaintances help identify you and know you. So if your hairstyle makes you look appealing, it may well, make you look old too. Leading hair experts and stylers agree that a certain styles make women look older than they actually are. Let’s find out these styles, so we may avoid them and try something new and more appealing.

Don’t dye your hair too dark

Nature has blessed you with hair colour that compliments your complexion. With ageing, a few strands of white hair may appear. It is good that you conceal them with a hair colour that goes with the natural colour of your hair. “When you use dark black colour and your complexion is fair, your hair will appear in sharp contrast. It also shows that you are trying too hard to hide your age, but in the process you end up looking old.”, says Kaustubh Munj a hair styler

Over using heating devices

Hair tissue is weak and the outer protective layer withers away when we subject it to excess heat. Using hot air blowers, flat iron on your hair will make your hair dull and dry. Fizzy and dry hair is a perfect recipe to look old. It is therefore recommended that you use a protecting serum before subjecting your hair to heat. It is better to avoid using blowers to dry the hair. Instead, use a cotton towel to dry.

split ends

As you age, your hair gets dry and brittle. You also get a lot of split ends that make you look more aged. It pays to trim the end of your hair from time to time. This will get rid of split ends and let your hair grow naturally.

Part right

The way you part your hair is very crucial for your looks. Middle parting or parting from extreme side makes you look old. Try to part your hair slightly on the side, either right or left. It adds volume to your hair and makes your face look fresher and younger.

Too much of hair spray

Women prefer to use hair sprays for styling and giving it a glow. However, overusing the hair spray is not advisable as it stiffens your hair and makes it look upright. “I often ask my patrons, where did you get this shock therapy? Or did you just see a ghost?” Kaustubh Munj is at his jocular best with this treatment.

The right hair cut

Avoid blunt cuts or hair styles that are retro. Old fashioned cuts often give you an old look which is highly undesirable. Go for a style that goes with your face. Your hair dresser is often your best guide. Check out what is trending and what will compliment your complexion. For trending hairstyles, keep following #BalKiDukan blogs.

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