People often mistake good hair for good hairstyle or a new hair colour, it is not so. Good hair means healthy hair.

A lot of people complain about split ends. So what are these and is there a cure in sight? A split end occurs when the outer protective cover of the hair or the cuticle gets damaged. As the outer layer gets damaged, it exposes the inner delicate protein structure to extensive damage. It happens due to heat styling, exposure to harmful chemicals in your hair care products, or simply everyday wear and tear. Whatever the colour, texture, length or volume of your hair, split ends can happen to your hair. Split ends make your hair look dull, weak, frizzy and messy.

The only probable cure of split ends is to trim off the hair and let the hair grow back normally. However you can let your hair look normal and healthy with a little bit of care and treatment.

Wash care: Wash your hair with cold water. Steamy hot water is good for the body, but is harmful for scalp and hair. Apply a good herbal conditioner as you rinse your hair. Use a wide tooth comb to untangle and distribute the conditioner equally all over the hair. Hair is elastic and easy to handle when wet than in a dry state.

For drying your hair, avoid hot blowers. Gently dab with a towel. Remember, you are not scrubbing the floor, it is your scalp. Your hair are delicate and need tender love. So a gentle dab with a dry towel does the job. You will find your hair less frizzy and looking beautiful and bouncy. Now that you know the secret to good, split end proof hair, pass on to friends and relatives. They will love your good gesture. Keep on visiting #BalKiDukan for more hair related topics and articles. Have a good hair day.

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